Buyer Representation

Services Include:

  • Checking the title online
  • Checking the property card/GIS online
  • Checking the FEMA map online and discussing flood insurance issues
  • Checking with the Board of Health (if there is a septic system)
  • Providing Connections with Insurance and other Professionals
  • Providing advice about what to put in the Offer
  • Providing Advice about what to do about Inspection Items
  • Drafting Buyer Rider and Negotiations with Seller’s Attorney
  • Collecting items needed for closing
  • Reviewing the 50 Year Title Examination and ensuring the clearing of title issues
  • Preparing the Closing Documents
  • Interacting with the Lender to get a clear to close and documents
  • Running the Closing and ensuring immediate Recording of correctly executed documents
  • Ensuring the payoff of encumbrances and the seller
  • Preparing the Owners title policy

Specialized Real Estate Law Services You Can Rely On

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