Elder Law

elder law massachusetts

We commonly define “elder” as 62 years of age or more and recognize that this period of our lives is one with some unique challenges. Elder law has been and continues to be a key focus of my practice.

As a licensed member of the MA BAR and a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (see www.naela.com) since 2003, I follow the MA rules of professional conduct and support aspirational standards for the practice of Elder and Special Needs Law which build upon and supplements the protective standards of the MA rules of professional conduct. This all means that I focus on the needs of the elder first and foremost.

I advocate for the elder, provide and review estate planning documents, can represent the elder in real estate matters, investigate and resolve housing and financial issues presented, and address health related challenges.

As a spouse of a veteran, who served for 20 years, I have a unique awareness of veteran’s benefits and am on the Veteran’s Administration’s list of Approved Attorneys.

Contact me and we can discuss how I can assist you with the challenges presented to elders today.