Estate Planning and Probate

estate planning marblehead

Late in life marriages, unexpected passing of loved ones, disability and special needs, and just every day basic estate planning for every person over the age of 18 require estate planning documents such as a will, health care proxy, advanced directive (sometimes called a living will or life support statement) and durable power of attorney are the MUST HAVE documents. Where possible, strategies for avoiding the probate process can be implemented with the use of Transfer on Death designation on financial accounts and drafting of a deed with a retained life estate for real estate.

Estate Planning documents can protect you from having the court overly involved with your life with a guardianship/conservatorship action or make probate administration simple and less costly. There is no need to fear the complexity of the probate process when you have the support of an attorney who knows how to get things done. A Petition to probate an estate whether or not there is a will, and a License to Sell Real Estate can be filed easily with all interested parties assenting. Strict timelines for publishing, filing an inventory & accounting, and petition for the final settlement can be met and completed in a reasonable and timely manner with my assistance.

Be that responsible adult who has all of their documents prepared when that emergency comes!