Mary Milburn Attorney

“As a peacemaker, the lawyer has the
superior opportunity of being a good man...”

-Abraham Lincoln

Elder Law

We commonly define “elder” as 62 years of age or more and recognize that this period of our lives is one with some unique challenges. Elder law has been and continues to be a key focus of my practice.

Real Estate

Your home, your business, your vacation property; these are among the most expensive kinds of property you own and everything relating to real estate must be in writing.

Estate Planning and Probate

Late in life marriages, unexpected passing of loved ones, disability and special needs, and just every day basic estate planning for every person over the age of 18 require estate planning documents.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

I have represented both Tenants and Landlords in Housing Court and always lay out the pros and cons to each options which presents itself during the process.

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Mary Milburn

Practicing The Law We Live

We are all too familiar with dramatic headlines and the familiar portrayal of intense litigation, and abuses by attorneys, and the toll taken on the parties involved. Given this, I too would never have been inspired to be a lawyer. However, much of the law we need practiced in our own lives is transactional and cordial between the parties. Litigation has its place but there are many times when the key to resolution is successful negotiation and a knowledgeable and experienced navigation of the process.

My approach to law allows me the opportunity to provide you with the most effective and efficient manner to accomplish what needs to be done. Many of my clients are elderly and they and their families are seeking guidance and security in an age of ever increasing complexity of the law and government regulations that we interact with in so many areas of life. There is both comfort and security in having an experienced knowledgeable professional to review and represent your interests. Call today to find out how we can help your family.